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Rebuilding The American Dream


As a Non-Profit 501 (C) 4 social welfare and aspiring wealthfare action organization, The Renter's Lobby (TRL) will secure funding the same way all other non-profit and tax-exempt organizations the same old way the rest of the Washington sponge does it.  We'll be soliciting from our friends, neighbors and wonderful supporters and hopefully every residential renter with any interest in getting housing and finance policy firmly planted on a level playing field.  And, frankly we'll be introducing some pretty exciting and innovative alternatives. 


At The Renter's Lobby and our affiliate Foundation for American Investors and Renters (FAIR) a 501(C) 3 tax-exempt education organization, we are permitted by the IRS and State laws to raise contributions and alternative funding sources jointly.


In this regard when we talk about and write about "Equity for All!"



With the strict exception of direct political activity, say, through our Political Action Committee (RENTERS-PAC-2016) TRL and FAIR share  critical research, educational and community welfare and civic action activities.  Executive management has secured the authority to engage funding plans as beneficiary of unique real-estate services and investments.


Consistent with our emphasis on innovation and effective advocacy solutions, our organizations receive a small percentage of the income from TREIT investment properties. This will result in an efficient and consistent source of  operating revenue for both organizations. 


This innovative approach to Non-Profit Alternative Funding will ensure both organizations the financial capacity to concentrate on their missions to enhance the lives and livelihoods of Residential Renters and all Americans.


The Renter's Lobby will focus on policies and legislation.

As the "Voice for America's Renters" we bring a fresh

and constructive new perspective to the housing policy debate.

No one has done it before but we believe we have an advantage

over all others in the housing sector. 


WHY? We see and experience things from the customer or tenant's viewpoint.  As a result, we are building innovative solutions to some of the most  vexing problems faced by housing policy makers and legislators.  We are living in a "New Housing Economy" that can create new opportunities with new approaches or a repeat of the old and failed structures of the past.  Despite our early warnings we're facing another housing crisis in the United States.  Rental inventory and economic realities will continue to drive up housing costs for most Americans. 


A new policy and legislative focus needs to be placed on HOMERENTERS! In practice, it's called tenant-centrism.


Tenant Centrism is just one outcome of our MISSION to make certain Washington policies don't drive us to another financial failure.


TENANT CENTRISM in very simple terms defines all that is involved in pivoting housing sector policy away from a comprehensive focus on infrastructure and buildings and instead focus on the people; the customer.


Tenant Centrism necessitates a comprehensive set of housing policy solutions that focuses on the long-term renters as the source of all future homebuyers. By making renters the central constituency we can become better prepared for anticipated changes in our society over the coming decades. 


Tenant Centric management methodology and information systems create new opportunities in all areas of residential renting for individuals and organizations.  We are most proud of the success experienced for those most in need:


"Tens of thousands of residential renters and "homeowners" are EVICTED from their homes every day in cities and towns across America.


This is a daily tragedy faced by millions.  What is astounding is the apparent acceptance by industry, policy-makers and most Americans this is inevitable and acceptable.  We say it is NOT.  Part of our American Dream is to make evictions unnecessary and rare. 


Very few deserve this outcome due to late rent payments. We believe we can make a difference and here's why:


20 years ago one of our founding Stakeholders, an industry veteran, asked himself why eviction volume was always so high.  He knew most of those evicted were good, responsbile hard working Americans. He discovered their financial problems were the culmination of a single or series of unfortunate events.  It is the same today. Millions of renters and homebuyers are one rent payment or mortgage payment away from eviction; this precarious financial situation mirrors the fact that over 70% of all working Americans live from paycheck to paycheck. Ultimately the eviction solution rests with a strong sustainable economy.  Therefore our fundamental policy and legislative agendas focus on those solutions designed to grow our economy by creating well-paying jobs and careers.


Until our monetary and fiscal policies reflect growth oriented solutions we will advocate

for our very simple common sense Tenant Centric solutions.


Tenant Centrism is just one outcome of our MISSION to make certain Washington policies DO NOT drive us to another financial failure.

Tenant Centric


  • Reduce Risks for all Parties including American Taxpayers and,

  • Provide positive - innovative  challenges to the Status-Quo.

  • Extend Real-Asset Life Cycles

  • Reduce Operating Overhead

  • Improve Private & Public Investment Performance

Tenant Centric


  • Removes FICO Rigidity

  • Increase Economic Stability

  • Improves Renter Mobility

  • Improves Employment

  • Creates Long Term Value

  • Stabilizes Communities



  • New Private Investment Opportunity

  • New Public Investment Opportunity

  • New Investment Class

  • New Asset Building Alternatives:

    • Equity Investment Innovations

    • Equity Options for All Renters

    • Special Equity Options for VLMI

    • WealthFAIR vs. Welfare

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