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Dedicated to the millions of Americans who choose to rent
and for the millions who have no choice!




The Renter's Lobby (TRL) is a Washington D.C. advocacy organization dedicated to the immediate and long-term needs of Residential Renters.  Part of our Mission and our daily job is to lobby for policies, legislation and regulations that accrue to their direct benefit.  And, yes we are and will advocate aggressively for this very SPECIAL INTEREST: We are dedicated to making positive changes for the 10's of millions of Americans who choose to rent and for the millions who have no choice.  


Our policy positions, legislative agenda and regulation reform are being developed to correct the imbalances that created the housing crash and financial failure leading up to September 2008.  As of March 2015, the structural policy and legal imbalances remain in place.  HOUSING-FINANCIAL CRASH 2008 2.0 is inevitable IF the "homeownership lobby" is permitted to continue rebuilding their old house in our Capitol's backyard.


Unfortunately, Renters are not beneficiaries of targeted "homeowner"subsidies and bail-out assistance programs.  Washington housing policies before and after the FINANCIAL FAILURE have effectively and unfairly double & triple taxed renters.  A growing number of young Americans are realizing that Washington's fixation on selling "debt-leveraged homeownership" is riskier than ever and runs counter to their personal, collective and long-term financial security interests.


Renter's long-term needs have always been of secondary concern for housing policy makers.  It's time to transform housing finance, tax policies and business processes that counter the long-term economic interests of Renters and all hard working Americans. 





"Renters need to flex muscle in U.S. housing debate!"


"Though America's mortgage system subsidizes homebuyers, its dysfunction has cost all taxpayers dearly.  Few constituencies with much clout are pushing for change.  But the nation's 39 Million rental households -- often an afterthought in the housing debate -- ought to be up in arms...


Renters may be the only big group in the United States that isn't invested in the status quo.


Homeowners, realtors, homebuilders and banks all benefit from the government's hand in housing, exercised through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which buy and guarantee mortgages, through other federal vehicles, and through tax rules that subsidize mortgage interest."


Agnes T. Crane
Reuters Breakingnews

A congressional caucus is a group of Members of the U.S. House and Senate that meet to pursue common legislative objectives. Caucuses are formed as congressional member organizations through the United States House of Representatives and governed under the rules of that chamber. They are not always called caucuses, and are sometimes titled coalitions, study groups, task forces, or working groups.  We abide by the long used terms so there's no question about our motivations and interests.  TheCongressional Renter's Caucus (CRC) is securing the backing of Members for the single expressed purpose of advancing the interests and securing the trust of America's residential renters!  Our Mission is to "Build Tenant Trust" in themselves and in the fundamental integrity of our private and public sector institutions. Go to our legislative and policy priorities page for information on what we want our public servants to accomplish on your behalf. 



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